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Magnetic Golf Divot Repair Tool, Ball Mark Repair Tool

The World’s Only Magnetic, Removable Divot Repair Tool

Thank you for visiting our site and taking time to learn more about the Divot Genie™.  The Divot Genie™ is a magnetic ball mark repair tool that I have developed and found to be very easy to use from its installation to the actual use.  It literally takes away the hassle of having to bend over and putting a strain on my back and knees when having to repair a ball mark. The Divot Genie™ is the perfect answer to this problem.

Our tool is made of high-quality, lightweight coated aluminum. The Divot Genie™ tool is the only magnetic divot repair tool of its kind. It’s extremely compact and weighs less than an ounce; small and light enough to carry in your pocket with ease.  You will not find a better Ball Mark Repair Tool than the Divot Genie™.

We have been recognized already by major Golf courses here in the South Florida area and have become the talk within the golfing community.  You may see us from time to time at many sponsored vendor trade shows so if you see us, make sure to stop by and tell us hi.

I guarantee our product is the right choice and if you do not like it, simply return it – no questions asked!  So order your Divot Genie™ Today!.

Check out our video showing how easy the Divot Genie™ is to operate..

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