How It Works

How It Works

TO REPAIR BALL MARKS put the Divot Genie™ tool on the head of your putter. Using the putter, lightly use an up and down tapping motion on the outside wall of the ball mark. The Divot Genie™ tool will force the dirt and grass back to the center of the ball mark. This will assure a fast healing process for the grass. Do not try to lift the center of the divot up. Always use a gentle, downward tapping motion.

Remove the Divot Genie™ tool from your putter head, and tap down gently on the divot with the bottom of your putter.

To conform to USGA, PGA, and LPGA rules the Divot Genie™ tool must be removed from the putter before putting.

Easy Installation & User Instructions

Magnetic Golf Divot Repair Tool

The Perfect 4-in-1 Golf Divot Tool

Golf Divot Repair Tool

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