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Divot Genie Featured At SW Florida Golf Expo

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Ball Mark Fixing Is Fun?

Repairing ball marks is an important part of taking care of the golf courses we play. But how often do golfers actually fix their own pitch marks? How often do you fix your ball marks? All the time? Ninety-percent, 75-percent, 50-percent, 20-percent of the time? Never? Fixing ball marks is one of those things that ...

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Welcome To The World Of Golf Divot Genie™

Divot Genie™ is an exciting new golf ball mark repair tool. Why is it exciting? Let’s count the ways… 1. Divot Genie™ is the only magnetic removable golf ball mark repair tool on the planet. 2. Divot Genie™ is Made in the USA using only high-quality parts. 3. Divot Genie™ will save your back unlike ...

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